Riverdale Student Handbook (Official) par Jenne Simon

Riverdale Student Handbook (Official) par Jenne Simon

Titre de livre: Riverdale Student Handbook (Official)

Auteur: Jenne Simon

Broché: 112 pages

Date de sortie: August 28, 2018

ISBN: 133829895X

Éditeur: Scholastic Inc.

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Jenne Simon avec Riverdale Student Handbook (Official)

The Riverdale High student handbook may look like an ordinary introduction to the high school - there's class photos and a campus map and student guidelines from Principal Weatherbee. But pasted over the cafeteria offerings is a Pop's diner menu; Jason Blossom's senior portrait is X'd out in red sharpie, and the superlatives aren't most likely to be famous, they're most likely to make out with your teacher - proving this ordinary school ain't so ordinary. Josie and the Pussycat's have edited the school song, there's Veronica's first-day-of-school style tips, and Cheryl Blossom's guidelines to staying on top of the cheerleading pyramid. This student handbook has everything you really need to know about surviving Riverdale High!