The Princes in the Tower par Alison Weir

The Princes in the Tower par Alison Weir

Titre de livre: The Princes in the Tower

Auteur: Alison Weir

Broché: 314 pages

Date de sortie: April 18, 2011

Éditeur: Vintage Digital

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Alison Weir avec The Princes in the Tower

"A surprisingly fresh & tremendously thorough contribution to the debate...Weir's book is, no doubt, not the last on this subject, but it might be the best...[She] constructs a devastating case...[&] brilliantly illuminates the nature of late-medieval political power."--
The Boston Globe

Despite five centuries of investigation by historians, the sinister deaths of the boy king Edward V & his younger brother Richard, Duke of York, remain two of the most fascinating murder mysteries in English history. Did Richard III really kill "the Princes in the Tower," as is commonly believed, or was the murderer someone else entirely? Carefully examining every shred of contemporary evidence as well as dozens of modern accounts, English historian Alison Weir reconstructs the entire chain of events leading to the double murder. We're witnesses to the rivalry, ambition, intrigue & struggle for power that culminated in the imprisonment of the prince & the hushed-up murders that secured Richard's claim to the throne as Richard III. A masterpiece of historical research & a riveting story of conspiracy & deception, The Princes in the Tower at last provides a solution to this age-old puzzle.
"Weir takes on this delicious mystery with a fearsome vengeance. The result is a fascinating & completely credible account."--
�Milwaukee Journal

"Did Richard III do in his nephews or didn't he? How much of the evil-uncle legend was later Tudor propaganda & how much was true?...This is exciting reading."--
�The Denver Post